Supporters and Friends of IJEF

Join the IJEF movement by becoming a Supporter or Friend of the International Jiu-Jitsu Education Fund!

Supporting academies can aid us in Rolling Toward a Better World through a number of avenues. Hosting a fundraiser is a fantastic way of showing your support — like all non-profit organizations, we rely on consistent generosity and gifts from people who believe in our mission in order to keep our doors open. Our staff operates on an entirely volunteer basis, meaning 100% of your patronage goes directly to spreading jiu-jitsu to impoverished communities around the world.

You can also help our cause by donating material goods like children’s gis or portable jiu-jitsu mats.

Lastly, if there is a community or group that you believe could benefit from the IJEF’s work, please let us know. We are always looking to add new academies and Roll Models.

Contact and tell us how you’d like to help. We’d love to hear from you!

And check out the following organizations and academies that have joined IJEF in our mission to Roll Toward a Better World!


IJEF: The International Jiu-Jitsu Education Fund